Introducing ForecastXM

At Ex Machina we believe that highly accurate gas demand forecasting underpins the success of your business. By combining powerful IT technologies with our revolutionary weather data service we provide highly accurate energy demand forecasting to our customers.

Forecast XM, significantly improves your energy demand forecasting capability ultimately empowering you to take better pre-emptive actions. With this new data insight, you are able to increase revenues, reduce costs and achieve your strategic business objectives. Try our Demo today to find out more.

Gas Demand Demo

Improve bottom line figures
Increase revenues by improving operating margins, optimise your demand/supply balancing and limit imbalance penalties. Define optimum base loads to benefit from long-term gas premium prices.
Increase the value of your data

Provide answers to business-related issues by using data to extract meaningful information and knowledge.

Better decision making

Business decisions based on accurate short-term and informed long-term forecasting.

Ease of use & deployment

Quick & safe integration with your existing infrastructure. Our intuitive interface drives a hassle-free user experience.

“Accurately predicting the daily gas demand is critical for our company. Ex Machina’s cloud platform offers the high quality data we need, maximising the capacity of our forecast mechanism.”

-- Panagiotis Kontogiorgos, Market Analyst, Attiki Gas Supply Company

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